Houseplant Care 101: Spider Plants

Houseplants are lovely. They can brighten up and decorate a room, clean the air, and make a home feel well, more “homey”. But we either love them or hate them! Some people are amazing green thumbs! They could make anything grow, anywhere. But some of us seem to kill plants just by looking at them the wrong way! But is that really our fault?

Admittedly, I have much more success with garden plants than I do with houseplants. Perhaps because Mother Nature has more say in their care, and conditions are more desirable to the plants. I’m happy to say though, that some indoor plants are much easier to care for than others, and I do have good luck growing them. As a rule, anything that doesn’t flower or require a ton of light! If you’re like me, and looking for a houseplant that doesn’t have ridiculous requirements to thrive, and is actually hard to kill, spider plants are one such plant.

The botanical name for spider plants is Chlorophytum comosum. It’s a common plant to find, and loved because it’s basically considered foolproof! There are currently several different types of cultivars available. These plants are great for rooms in homes and offices where there may not be a lot of indirect light. Bedrooms and bathrooms are generally good places to keep a spider plant. They also look wonderful in a hanging baskets, which is where I kept one of mine for years in my apartment. It grew many arms with little baby spider plants growing on the ends, which I clipped and ended up giving to some of my neighbours.

Image courtesy of The Spruce

It was once thought that spider plants were poisonous to dogs and cats, but there has been new research on that subject. I still recommend keeping them out of pets’ ways though… Actually, in there native Africa, many of the locals eat spider plant as a leafy green veggie. I’m not sure I want to try them or not. Would you?

For more info on the care of spider plants, you can click on this helpful link: Spider plant care

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