Growing Basil

I love growing herbs. Most are fairly easy, they grow quickly, and my favourite part, they make our food tasty! One of my all-time faves is Basil. This is such a versatile and easy to grow herb. Its leaves can be eaten whole, chopped or ground. I love adding basil to any dish with tomatoes. It really helps bring out their flavour! Try adding basil to tomato soup too…yummy!

Green and purple basil varieties

There are many varieties of basil that are commonly available. Some include sweet basil, purple basil, lemon basil, or my favourite, spicy globe basil. Every time I smell this one, I feel hungry!

Basil can be propagated in many ways; from seeds, cuttings that you can start in either water or soil, or using a technique called “layering”, in which you take a longer branch of your plant, strip off the lower leaves and plant it in the soil. You don’t remove the branch from the main plant to do this. Here is a really good article if you’d like to learn more about Basil.

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One thought on “Growing Basil

  1. When you feel like expanding your basil collection, add clove and cinnamon. Both are excellent for teas and give that “busy housewife lift” mid-morning. Both very pretty and fragrant in bouquets as well.


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