Cancer – Don’t Forget To Breathe

This is exactly the way I feel these days…

You ever feel like just stopping to breath? Yep, that’s me right now….So everyone reading this, find a comfy spot. Get a cuppa’ if you like… Sit comfortably. Close your eyes if you like. Deep, deep breath in through your nose, then out your opened mouth. Do this as many times as you need to…. Until you start to see clearly again.

Cancer sucks, and I’ve had some pretty bad news lately… that’s why I haven’t written much. I needed some space to breathe, and absorb the information. Brain lesions…. And where the H@#! did they come from? Who knows.

But I guess the good news is, I’m still working on my book, and now in a bigger hurry than ever… And lots of research and reading to add to it. So, I’ve said it MANY times before… if you’re a cancer patient, breathe, live one day at a time, and NEVER take a moment to stop fighting!


Published by jenmcnaughton

Born in Scotland, I moved to Canada in 1980 with my family. I was 10. I became homesick in my 20's, and longed for my beloved Scotland. Happily, I recently returned home for good! I am a photographer, freelance writer and bestselling author, and entrepreneur. I am an animal lover and advocate. My other hobbies include exploring, collecting sea glass, reading and music.

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