About Me

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Jennifer S. McNaughton

Photographer, Writer, Entrepreneur

I was born in Perth, Scotland, and for the first decade of my life, lived in Kinross. Shortly before my 11th birthday, my family emigrated to Canada. We lived for a year in Windsor Ontario before settling in London Ontario.

Having been educated, at least in part in the UK, I learned proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure at an early age. In my teens and twenties, I wrote some poetry and a few short stories.

My other creative love, photography, I first acquired at age 11, when my aunt gave me her used camera to play with. Many, many years and several camera formats later, and after much cheerleading from my family and friends, I decided to turn it into a business, ThruJensLens Photography

Now after over 40 years in Canada, I am returning to my beloved homeland to continue my life’s journey there.

  • Legging Girl Affiliate
  • Aromatherapist and budding Homeopath
  • Rescuer of furry critters
  • Aquarium fanatic!
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