Writer And Author

A native English speaker and writer, with excellent spelling and grammar skills.

Now a published bestselling author, I also write reviews, articles, proof read and edit documents, and do some creative writing.

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What Have I Been Up To Lately?

From new writing projects, to content writing, travel reviews or proof reading, click here to find out what I’m doing these days.

June 2020: The compilation book I am published in has officially launched and is available on most of Amazon’s sites… Read more

Creative Writing

Below are a few excepts from creative writing pieces I’ve been working on…

The beating of the drums became louder and more distinct as the warriors reached the crest of the first hill. There were thousands of them. I could see the light glinting off their armour… Read more…

She inhaled deeply from her steaming cup of coffee. It was her ritual; by doing so, she imagined herself gaining strength and determination. Read more…

Stepping out to the edge of the lake, a wave of emotion overwhelms me. Was it only two weeks ago that I was here last? Read more…

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