A Year Older…Wiser..?

So yesterday, the big clock in the sky turned over and clicked one more number onto my Life Odometer. I remember as a youth, dreading growing older, but now more than ever I realize it’s a privilege to say “Hey, I’ve lived another year!” Two years ago, I wasn’t sure I’d see my 50th birthday. But now I’m 51. As we get older, we realize that every breath we take is a gift. Every moment that makes us smile, everything that fills our hearts with joy or love is precious.. Cherish it! We all have down moments and bad feelings, but don’t live there. Rise up, realize that you, we, are all here to make each others’ lives and this world, a better place. That is my advice to you all. Live, love, and do good in this world. And if you’re fighting your own demons, like I am with cancer, please don’t give up!


Cinqo de Mayo

Welcome to May 5th. Cinqo de Mayo. Also my birthday! Even though Cinqo de Mayo has nothing to do with tacos, it actually falls on “Taco Tuesday”. I mean, every Tuesday is “Taco Tuesday”, and who needs another excuse to eat tacos anyways?

And remember, if you’re having a rough day, that tacos fall apart, but we still love them anyways. Enjoy!

Be Kind To Yourself

Read the words in the meme (thank you, Word Porn) below. They ring true for me. Some days, I am very productive, and others I don’t feel like doing anything except binge watching a TV show. The last 5 years have been particularly trying, due to my cancer, the surgery, and inevitably, the effects of Chemotherapy. But I have learned that even with my scars and imperfections, I am just right. My zest for life and positive attitude have gotten me through so much, and I will soldier on!

So, don’t dwell on the mistakes of the past. Don’t look at your scars as horrible flaws. Remember, when you look at yourself in the mirror, how much you’ve survived. Your record thus far of making it through is 100%. Be kind to yourself!

Saturday, May 2nd

Well, if you’re on Facebook, or other social media, you may have seen posts suggesting that today, the first Saturday in May, is World Naked Gardening Day. (This IS a thing!)

The weather here today was decent enough for me to get out and do some gardening, albeit fully clothed! And after coming in and listening to a podcast, I have a new idea for a photo story. So, a productive day for me here.

This is NOT me, lol!

Smiths Falls, Ontario

Smiths Fall is a charming little town in eastern Ontario, between Ottawa and Kingston, and situated on the picturesque Rideau Canals.The canals date back to the 19th century and it was a wonder to see the well preserved original locks in operation! I also enjoyed walking through the parks along the canals. A great place to visit for a relaxing getaway! For additional information, go to https://www.smithsfalls.ca

My favourite photography spot was the Bascule Bridge. It was once used to take the Canadian Northern Railway trains across the Rideau Canal, from 1915 – 1978. Now the rail line is gone, and the bridge is permanently in the raised position seen in this photo. The bridge was designated a national historic site in 1983, as an early example of a movable concrete bridge. It is the oldest surviving structure of this kind left in Canada.

Smiths Falls Bascule Bridge
Photo courtesy of ThruJensLens Photography