Growing Basil

I love growing herbs. Most are fairly easy, they grow quickly, and my favourite part, they make our food tasty! One of my all-time faves is Basil. This is such a versatile and easy to grow herb. Its leaves can be eaten whole, chopped or ground. I love adding basil to any dish with tomatoes. It really helps bring out their flavour! Try adding basil to tomato soup too…yummy!

Green and purple basil varieties

There are many varieties of basil that are commonly available. Some include sweet basil, purple basil, lemon basil, or my favourite, spicy globe basil. Every time I smell this one, I feel hungry!

Basil can be propagated in many ways; from seeds, cuttings that you can start in either water or soil, or using a technique called “layering”, in which you take a longer branch of your plant, strip off the lower leaves and plant it in the soil. You don’t remove the branch from the main plant to do this. Here is a really good article if you’d like to learn more about Basil.

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Friday Funny: What If Humans Attracted Their Mates Like Animals?

I saw this on social media this week, and couldn’t resist! I actually giggled out loud for some of them. Hope you get a laugh too! Have a great weekend, and stay safe.

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(I’m A) Bestselling Author!

Our book launch on Amazon was a huge success on Monday! We had a live event through Facebook and Zoom, and watched as our book roared up the rankings.

It was suggested that I set up an author’s page on Amazon too, so that I could connect myself to the book officially through their site. So, as we “Zoomed”, I worked on that little project also.

Me and my first published book!

Or book made it all the way up to #3 in the New Age/Self Help category, and #4 in another one. It was a very exciting day! Check out my Amazon Author Page !

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Today Is The Day!

Today is the day we are officially launching our compilation book, Choices For Change: Courageous Decisions That Continue To Change Lives. We authors are so grateful for your support to help our book be visible to as many as possible today!

Book Cover

Check out the page below to purchase and receive your bonus gifts *Only eligible for purchases made 6/22…/choicesforchange/

Choices for Change: Courageous Decisions That Changed Lives is an inspired collection of thirteen authors vulnerably sharing stories about one moment, or one decision that changed the course of their lives.

Choices for Change contains heartfelt, bold, courageous pieces, and lighthearted impactful ones. There are stories of animals and the difference they’ve made in our lives, as well as how our lives change when we start loving ourselves. There are self-reflective and insightful pieces that will help you make your choice to change.

We are grateful to take this journey with you, and hope you can find yourself in these pages and know you are not alone. You can buy the book here:

Remember: “You are only one decision away from a totally different life” – Mark Batterson

Join our live Facebook launch party from 2 – 6pm EDT here!

I hope to see all of you online tomorrow afternoon for our launch party!

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Happy Father’s Day!

I had decided not to post a blog on Sundays, just to give myself and my followers a break. But I felt I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t take a quick moment to say “Happy Father’s Day” to all the dads out there.

I don’t care if you are a biological father or not, a step dad, a second dad, a granddad, a pet dad, or an uncle who is like a dad….If you’ve given guidance and been a good influence on someone’s life, stepped up to the plate, watched your offspring grow and mature, or taken yours and the neighbourhood kids for ice cream, this is your day. Enjoy!

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The Taming Of The Chipmunk.

Just when I thought I had my hands full, feeding all the local squirrels, now I have a new little friend to love. I’ve known for some time that a chipmunk has been living on our property. I’ve seen the many “residences” it has dug in my lawn, and on the gravel area where the green bin sits. I’ve even seen him (or her) running along the fence line, and across the road. And he pretty much ignored my little “chippy” noises I would make to try and attract him.

That is, until a few days ago. I just happened to be outside when Chippy was around, so I tossed a nut, which he devoured. I thought to myself that there was hope that he would eventually come closer and take them from me. Chipmunks are, after all, thought to be quite tame and friendly.

Sure enough, as I was out front yesterday, the little guy was snooping around under the juniper shrubs and in my flower beds. I tossed a nut, which he took away somewhere. But then he came back. I lured him in closer, and after only 3 attempts, had him coming onto my lap for his treat. I was so happy! I love squirrels, but i think I love chipmunks even more! I was always raised to respect animals, whether domestic or wild, and am certainly my mother’s daughter where it comes to my love for critters!

We had a little photo shoot, and I even managed to videotape him. Here’s the link to the video. Redbum’s Debut

Here in Ontario, we mostly have Eastern chipmunks, but there are actually five different species found in Canada. If you’re a chippy lover like me, check out this page: Canada’s chipmunks

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The Dumbest Things About Smartphones |

We all seem to have cell phones these days. They go almost everywhere with us, right? But even though Smartphone technology is improving year by year, they still have their problems. My biggest pet peeve is Autocorrect. So, when I found this article on, I knew it was perfect for my “Friday Funny”. #10 and #11 hit home with me.

These devices have many issues that have us wanting to throw them in a pond some days! How are there still so many problems with these things? Hope you enjoy this cell phone humour!

Source: Tell Us Now: The Dumbest Things About Smartphones |

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The Pet “Auntie”

I have always loved animals, and for most of my life, have had 4-legged furry family members padding around. But right now, I don’t have any. That’s why I was so delighted to meet a few new furry friends this past week!

The first of these was Koda. He owns my friend and colleague, Andie, who has put together our book project. He is a classic mixed breed love bug, with Border collie, lab and shepherd mixed in. I had heard so much about this big, goofy hairball, so I was glad that she brought him along when we met up for me to get my author copies of our book. Unfortunately, he was too busy teaching all the sticks within a 6 foot radius who was boss, for me to get a photo of him! Maybe next time. Did you know, that he has his own book published too? I met a celebrity dog.

Then on Monday, I was invited to a back yard get together, and was enthusiastically greeted by the lively Skookum. When she realized I would play with her and give her attention, she hardly left my side! Skookum, I learned, had been a rescue dog. But honestly, when it comes to rescuing pets from shelters, sometimes I wonder who really rescues who? Most of my pets throughout my life have been rescues.

Skookum. Photo copyright ThruJensLens Photography

When we ventured indoors to eat, I discovered that there were also two cats in the household. It’s a good thing there were only two, because I was petting them simultaneously! I tried giving them pets separately, but in classic feline fashion, one would get jealous. So, I ended up with a cat head in each hand, rubbing cheeks and scratching chins. Heavenly!

I was officially labelled Skookum’s new “Auntie Jen”. A badge of honour, in my opinion! And now I’m also one of Koda’s new aunties too! It’s amazing how animals change our lives in so many ways! They teach us lessons we didn’t know we needed to learn. They love unconditionally. And they certainly entertain us with their antics!

Our book compilation which is officially being launched next Monday, June 22nd, has a pet section many great animal stories in it. I hope you will join us on launch day to purchase your copy! And if you’re feeling lonely, why not visit an animal shelter. Who knows, you may just meet your new best friend!

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Book Launch Coming Soon!

I’m very excited to announce the launch of our compilation book, Choices for Change: Courageous Decisions That Changed Lives. Our official launch day is a week from today, June 22nd. It’s hard to believe that it came up so quickly – only 7 more sleeps!

I have written four pieces for the book, and this is my first published work! It has been quite a journey for all involved, and to see it coming to fruition is a wonderful feeling. I hope you will join me and the other authors on launch day to celebrate and receive your bonus gifts when you purchase the book.

Cover Image

We are all so grateful to everyone who has shared our journeys so far, and hope you enjoy reading our stories. For more information on what this wonderful book is about, please click here. stayed tuned for all the exciting details and updates coming soon!