The Magic Of Pets

They reach out a paw, and touch our hearts

I have always loved animals. My entire life I grew up with pets in our home. Everything from goldfish to budgies, cats and dogs. Later I expanded to full-fledged aquariums and even reptiles.

I have been involved in many animal rescue groups and the local aquarium club, working my way up the ranks. I have written articles for these groups’ newsletters, and even adoption agreement contracts for the feral cat rescue I ran.

I married my love of photography with my love for animals, and found great joy in capturing the precious bond between people and their beloved pets. I helped the local Humane Society for many years, by taking pet photos at their annual fundraising event. Later, I expanded to action photos of dogs at particular events like agility, canine Frisbee sports and dock diving. I practiced at home, using my cats as my portrait subjects. Pets are still one of my favourite subjects to shoot and write about.

Many of us know that there is a special bond between ourselves and our “fur-babies”. It is well documented that having a pet to cuddle, stroke and talk to is soothing and has many health benefits. Our pets are our little furry, four-legged family members, and we cherish our time with them. It breaks our hearts every time we lose one. And yet, find room in our hearts to love another. That is the magic of animals. They take control of our hearts, our homes and world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love them!

Hold My Paw

This article is dedicated to all the pets I’ve been honoured to share my life with.

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Memories Of A Faithful Companion

Stepping out to the edge of the lake, a wave of emotion overwhelms me. Was it only two weeks ago that I was here last? Watching poetry in motion as Shannon joyously bounded over the incoming waves. I had known our time together was coming to an end, but it was too soon….far too soon.

A New Week

She inhaled deeply from her steaming cup of coffee. It was her ritual; by doing so, she imagined herself gaining strength and determination.With the start of a new week, she knew there was a lot of things to check off her list, but the project was almost done. She had promised herself a respite at the end of it, and was looking forward to relaxing, knowing she had created something to be proud of.

The Sentinel

The beating of the drums became louder and more distinct as the warriors reached the crest of the first hill. There were thousands of them. I could see the light glinting off their armour when the few weak rays of sunshine caught them. The mist that hung in the valley below could prove problematic. We would not have much warning of a charge. I looked back towards our camp and decimated army. Only a fraction of our forces remained. Badly wounded already and scarecrows compared to the brave soldiers who had marched for months, despite the season and lack of supplies, we were not ready for this. Our commander had made a critical error. We would not survive this day.

Be Yourself

You Are Perfectly Imperfect!

Today’s blog is for a friend and former coworker of mine. He was feeling down on himself the other night, because people judge him based on his disability. Mind you, if you were to see him, you wouldn’t know he had one. But he was born with it, and he’ll have to live with it his whole life.

We are human. We need to remember that none of us are perfect. If we are to be honest with ourselves, we all have some flaw; be it a disability, health issues, mental health issue, it doesn’t matter. We need to see each other as the beautifully fragile souls that we are. We all have feelings, we all need to feel loved and special. We are ALL perfectly imperfect.

But what can we do when we’re feeling down, or dealing with rejection? Here are a few tips from the experts:

  • Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you feel. There is no right or wrong way to feel.
  • Surround yourself with supportive, positive people. Or spend some time alone.
  • Take care of YOU! Do something that you love, or treat yourself to something.
  • Build your self esteem. What are you good at? What are you great at? Are you kind and caring? Funny? Do you love animals perhaps? Build on the positives!
  • Seek professional help. Sometimes having the ear of a counsellor or therapist is the best medicine. There is NOTHING to be afraid or ashamed of when you seek the help of a professional. In fact, I think it’s extremely brave.

Healing takes time. It may sound corny, but time does help. Healing can’t be rushed. We all have to go at our own pace. Here are some tips for healing after a rejection:

  • Try not to take it personally. It may or may not be about you… we can’t all get along all the time, so don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Reflect on the experience. You may come to understand it better, and it will help you grow for the next time. Did you learn something from this? Good!
  • Be yourself. You don’t have to change, but grow as a person. Keep being your silly, quirky, perfectly imperfect self! Rejection is part of life, but don’t let it define you.

Source (for expert tips):

Sending my love to all the Perfectly Imperfect people out there!

Lockdown, Day 43,958…

It’s staring to feel like it, at least…

I no longer have control of my hair. I usually can’t remember what day of the week it is. Important things absolutely MUST go into an online calendar with multiple reminders, else I would forget them…and the couch and I have become well acquainted.

It’s a good thing I have lots of little projects to keep me busy; this blog, creating home-made essential oil products (email me if you’d like to order some), my photography, and gardening – when it isn’t SNOWING!! And I have discovered my new workout routine. Dancing to GBX (George Bowie), whose radio show on Clyde1 in Scotland gets me out of my seat a couple of times per week. If it weren’t for him, I may start growing roots into my couch or desk chair. So a big shout out to you George!

But when I saw the meme below the other day, I thought it was a perfect representation of how I’m sure many of us feel right now. How are you handling this quarantine? Comment below with your thoughts. And thanks for reading. Cheers!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I won’t go into a lengthy blurb of what it means to be a mother. You could be a biological mum, a step mum, a pet mum, someone who is like a mum, or a dad playing both roles, doesn’t matter…this day (in North America, Australia and NZ) is for you.

Every mum on the planet is proud of her children. They have all sacrificed something in their lives. They have done their best to raise their families. This year, we are making another type of sacrifice. This year, most of us can’t be with our mums. But we still love you. So we are sending out virtual hugs and having video chats and telephone calls instead of in-person visits. Hopefully , we can see each other very soon!

For all you do and all you are, we love you! I would like to wish you all a beautiful day, filled with love and happiness.

Image by ThruJensLens Photography

Be Kind

I see a lot of posts and memes lately, all about people doing good deeds for one another, and praising front line workers and others who are still working and risking their health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Did it seriously take a global health scare to get us to be nice to each other? To appreciate the small things and thank others for their good work? I think this crisis has opened a lot of peoples’ eyes. We need to care; about ourselves, our families and friends, and take better care of our planet. We all have our roles to play, our own personal journeys, but…

We need to appreciate more. We need to help each other out, and we need to thank each other and give encouragement, not just during the pandemic, but always.

Friday Funny

As a writer, I am expected to know proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure. I pride myself on my ability to do so. And I cringe when I read posts, news articles ( our local newspaper is horrendous!) and memes with terrible spelling or no punctuation. It makes me twitch lol!

But today, I saw this funny meme, and thought it was quite cute. The supposed child DID put each word in alphabetical order! Sometimes it’s nice to not take ourselves so seriously. So enjoy!

Alphabetical Order indeed!


So, if you’re just “tuning in” (yep, I’m showing my age here!) to my blog, my birthday was this past Tuesday. The one gift I had my eye on, was a beautiful camera lens. Made by Laowa, it is a 100mm F2.8 2X Macro. It is manual focus, but so much fun to play with!

I’ve found new and interesting things to photograph in the past two days, things I would normally not have fond to be interesting subjects. And I have a list of other things I want to shoot now too! Anything with any type of texture is fair game now!

It’s amazing how in the few short hours I’ve had this lens, I’ve found a new side to my creativity. Little things can bring so much inspiration. What things inspire you? What gets your creative juices flowing?

Below is just one photo, taken in my first photo shoot with my new Laowa lens.

Macro Of A Pansy