Happy Canada Day!

I consider myself very lucky. Whereas I am and always will be a proud Scot, I am also proud to have lived much of my life in Canada.

Canada certainly has a lot to offer! A great education system, healthcare and many opportunities. Beautiful lakes, beaches, forests to explore, the Rocky Mountains. Canadians pride themselves on our diversity and inclusion. No matter your ethnic culture, religious background or sexual preference, in Canada, you are welcome!

Here are a couple of factoids about Canada some may not know:

  • Canada is mad up of 10 provinces and 3 territories.
  • Canada got its name through a miscommunication when the French explorer Jacques Cartier was invited by local natives to their “Kanata” – which happens to be the native word for ‘village’.
  • The Trans-Canada highway is believed to be the longest national highway in the world.
  • Canada’s official phone number is 1-800-O-Canada

So, happy Canada Day to us! Even though there won’t be any large gatherings to celebrate our National Holiday!

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Published by jenmcnaughton

Born in Scotland, I moved to Canada in 1980 with my family. I was 10. I became homesick in my 20's, and longed for my beloved Scotland. Happily, I recently returned home for good! I am a photographer, freelance writer and bestselling author, and entrepreneur. I am an animal lover and advocate. My other hobbies include exploring, collecting sea glass, reading and music.

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